PlymouthFind out more about Plymouth and why it is considered America’s hometown. For it is an historical seaside community on the southeastern coast of Massachusetts in between Cape Cod and Boston. And, if you’re on Cape Cod, you’re within minutes of the actual town of Plymouth MA, making it a perfect day trip destination.

For most people, the concept of Plymouth and Pilgrims is the stuff of junior high school history and Thanksgiving Day decorations. But, it’s not just history in this town, there’s whale watching, beaches, golfing, cranberry harvests, and much more.

Plymouth did play an important role in American history. It is where the Mayflower first anchored by the Pilgrims, who had broken away from England. And, where the Pilgrims first set foot in America on Plymouth Rock. One of the many sites that tells the story of the Pilgrims who founded the first New England colony. In addition, the Plimouth Plantation Museum is here. A living history museum about the Pilgrims and the Wompanoag Indians. It is a re-created site where the Pilgrims first settled in the 1620’s. In the Plantation, there are reproductions of the houses and period items the Pilgrim’s used in their daily life for farming and cooking. You will also learn about the Wompanoag Indians lifestyle. The type of housing they lived in, the type of foods they cooked, and how they cooked. Also, you will learn about their relationship with the settlers.

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